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    • With my first browsing on your website I made donation towards few tree plantation on the occasion of my friends birthdays, and received a lot of interesting feedback. I wish you continued success with your wonderful tree planting projects... :)

      Vineet Siwal , Information Technology

    • Thanks a ton for your wonderful initiative towards the rural empowerment. With you I am very sure that every single rupee donation will reach to who need them the most. Wish you all the very best for your initiatives

      OM Prakash ,

    • I get to know about your charity related work from my friend. Would like to be part of such social activities, please let me know if there you have such social project running in Himachal Pradesh? Thanks in advance

      Nirupam Gupta , Banker

    • A nice website and quick team. Thanks for giving every single detail on as how my contribution helping the needy peoples. I am recommending grnearth.org to all the visitors keep doing good work...

      Sumit Jain ,

    • UGC mandates one tree per student on campuses Check more detail at: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/lucknow/UGC-mandates-one-tree-per-student-on-campuses/articleshow/46789897.cms

    • India launches air quality index to give pollution information Check more detail at: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-32193742

    • Rice bucket challenge goes viral on social media. Check more detail at: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/indias-rice-bucket-challenge-goes-viral-on-social-media/497128-62-127.html

    How It Works

    Based on many years of experience we believes that sustainable development of disadvantaged communities can be achieved only if we empower them both by giving moral support and being an enabler so that new hopes can be brought into their lives.

    one could think of many such support channels but after a careful thought process and as a conclusion we came up with our specific mission objectives which includes initiates towards Environment and Plantations , Girl’s education and sponsorship , Education and skill building in rural parts, Sanitation and community services.


    Our Approach:

    We believe in a result oriented approach and thus keep a vigil on any activity/project we do. With a proper planning and then a careful tracking we make sure that our activities should touch lives of unprivileged in real sense and bring prosperity to them. Most of our activities come under social engineering and we involve children, women’s as active participants in the development process, this help in aligning our thoughts and energy into right direction and make the whole process more efficient. The unique approach we think can work in any social/community welfare are analyze, plan, build, deploy and supervision at the final stage.



    This is key to our work ethics. We believe in total transparency and committed to provide any minor detail to those who contribute towards any of our initiative towards empowerment of society. Our ultimate goal is to make best use of resources we have towards society betterment and that can only be achieved if we keep proper documentation, perform regular audits and maintain transparency from top to a bottom level process/activities and transactions we do.

    You may refer following sections for more detailed info on any activities/updates we involved in. We try our best to keep these sections up to date on monthly basis. Additionally if required, you can write to us anytime at info@grnearth.org to know more about our activities and about any specific detail etc.

    Grnearth Newsletter - http://grnearth.org/newsletter.php

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    Grnearth Projects - http://grnearth.org/projects.php