Welcome To Green Earth


    • With my first browsing on your website I made donation towards few tree plantation on the occasion of my friends birthdays, and received a lot of interesting feedback. I wish you continued success with your wonderful tree planting projects... :)

      Vineet Siwal , Information Technology

    • Thanks a ton for your wonderful initiative towards the rural empowerment. With you I am very sure that every single rupee donation will reach to who need them the most. Wish you all the very best for your initiatives

      OM Prakash ,

    • I get to know about your charity related work from my friend. Would like to be part of such social activities, please let me know if there you have such social project running in Himachal Pradesh? Thanks in advance

      Nirupam Gupta , Banker

    • A nice website and quick team. Thanks for giving every single detail on as how my contribution helping the needy peoples. I am recommending grnearth.org to all the visitors keep doing good work...

      Sumit Jain ,

    • UGC mandates one tree per student on campuses Check more detail at: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/lucknow/UGC-mandates-one-tree-per-student-on-campuses/articleshow/46789897.cms

    • India launches air quality index to give pollution information Check more detail at: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-32193742

    • Rice bucket challenge goes viral on social media. Check more detail at: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/indias-rice-bucket-challenge-goes-viral-on-social-media/497128-62-127.html


    Girls education and sponsorship !!!

    Sponsoring schooling, higher education and sports activity for girls


    Education and skill building in rural parts !!!

    We are inspired by Make in India movement. Offering or sponsoring technical educations in rural part i.e. computer, repair workmanufacturing/technician, 2-3 month certificate course etc.


    Community center development in villages - on footprint of Adarsh Gram yogna !!!

    Building a community center for villagers which should have 4-5 toilets with water storage, playground, yoga and Jim center (with basic equipment’s), small library with few books and subscription to at least one newspapers and magazine.

    • There should be a provision for solar energy electricity for the community center.
    • Awareness drive for hygiene, basic health and fitness tips.
    • Monthly doctor visit for free health checkup.